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Since 1996 Anita Sach has worked on a number of guide books. In 1999 she spent several weeks travelling around Cambodia, just a few months after the Khmer Rouge had laid down their arms, to research and write the Bradt Guide to Cambodia. At a time when the Foreign Office was urging caution for those travelling off the beaten track, Anita met only with great hospitality and humour. Her appreciation of the people and beauty of such a troubled country was reflected in the guide book.

As well as writing the Bradt Guide to Cambodia and updating the Odyssey Guide to Vietnam, more recently she has contributed to the AA/Fodor guide to Bangkok and To Cambodia with Love, and for several years has authored several website guides on Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Bangkok, Phnom Penh and Houston.

Anita is used to working to tight deadlines and prides herself on never having failed to meet one.

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What clients have said…

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed copy-editing this! I think your guide is excellent – it reads well and is full of helpful details. And haven’t you done well with the history section, which can sometimes be so heavy.

Editor, Bradt Travel Guides

I take my hat off to Anita for writing so informatively and for the way in which she went about researching the book. My friends in the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism think highly of the sensitive and responsible way she went about her business.

Advisor to Cambodian Ministry of Tourism

I’ve been subbing your guide for KLM and just wanted to say it was a pleasure as you’d followed the brief so well… thanks